3BBM is quite the metaphor as the 3 little black birds actually represent time...the past, present and future. We live our own lives by understanding that it takes those 3 components to really succeed at any task that is set before you. They sit on the wire because they need to see both sides of all opportunites in order to make the right decision on which direction to fly!

Ozzy Ojito & Leigh Moose are the power houses behind this management team. They have many years of  business, art and performance histories behind them; which makes them the perfect candidates to discover, coach and guide the careers of many others that may get lost in the vast ocean of  talented artists and business owners.

Ozzy & Leigh are both the owners of successful business ventures as well as professional fashion & fine art photographers, which gives them a unique edge in the talent management industry.

This management team is selective on the talent that comes into the family and they rely on a keen eye to discover new members. It is the goal of 3BBM to not only seek opportunites of success for their talent but to create opportunity by building a powerhouse of talent that has the unique ability to serve each others industries calling. 

3BBM has the ability and desire to service all of your needs with 1 phone call rather than your project falling into many hands.

We seek all talent from artists, photograhers, models, actors, hair & make up artists, designers, business owners, writers and stylists.

We strive to change the mindset that all talent must live up to a certain standard...we desire to create many different molds and celebrate each and every one.